Stop flipping &
start mapping

Are you still living by paper rules in a digital world?

Finding the dimension of a room is now as easy as finding your neighborhood Starbucks.

  • No More Pages

    Our devices deserve more than just digital paper.

  • No More Matchlines

    We've been breaking up buildings to fit on paper since the Renaissance.

  • No Going Back

    It's time for us to stop flipping and start mapping.

Project Atlas is a mapping engine for construction. Using location, it helps management teams piece together project information by converting drawings into highly detailed zoomable layers. Finding the dimension of a room is now as easy as finding your neighborhood Starbucks.

Features You've Been Asking For

Zoomable Map

Information is displayed contextually based on the level of your zoom. It's as easy as zooming into a room to find the dimension you need.

Multi-Layer Overlay

Layers can be easily toggled on and off to overlay different categories of information. This feature can be used to prevent this.

Powerful Search

Finding an RFI is as easy as Googling it. You know how to Google, right?

Room View

Who doesn't enjoy using street view? Don't we deserve the same experience indoors?

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$ Million

Project Atlas Featured in ENR

ENR Cover

User-Developed Applications Try To Outshine API Releases at User Conference

During the Bluebeam eXtreme user conference in Los Angeles, July 29- 31, amid announcements and presentations, two construction workers stole the show. Off stage, the workers showed an application they developed called Project Atlas, which aims to eradicate paper-based thinking from construction.

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Why we need Project Atlas

Of Contractors Still Use Paper Plans


Construction Drawings Each Year


Of Construction Workers Utilize Tablets

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Here's what others are saying about Project Atlas

  • Project Atlas just blew my mind --
    thanks for the most exciting development in mobile BIM since the iPad

    Ian Siegel, BIM Practice Specialist at KPF
  • ProjectAtlas - "Google Maps" for construction. Is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Silviu Stoian, Virtual Building Services Manager at The Beck Group
  • #projectatlas becoming a reality...
    Google Maps for construction pushing the limits of deliverables.

    Danielle Dy Buncio, Co-Founder & President of VIATechnik

Project Atlas Team

Todd Wynne


Todd is on a mission to get accurate data to workers with “wrench in hand.” He is a noted industry speaker and innovator who is always researching the latest technology and developing simple ways to apply it.

Joe Williams


Joe has spent the last decade working to improve building design and construction through applied technology. He is constantly thinking of new ways to improve a process or a product.

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